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Deciding Together


It's so hard to decide on what to do as an individual. Looking at all of the variables, trying to understand what you know, what you don’t know, and what you think you know but don’t really know. It can be confusing and overwhelming. As much as we hope that it will be easier with our partners, sometimes it actually can seem harder.


The reason for this is that there is twice the emotion, twice the misinformation and twice the fear of getting it wrong. And the very thing that makes the relationship so enriching, diversity of opinion, life experience, prospective and process, makes a choice even harder to make. 


On top of all of that, most of the group decisions we have been around in our life are based on dominance and submission. Which is a fantastic process unless, of course, you want to keep living with the person you have just dominated. Which just multiplies the emotional risk if your choice does not work out. 


Through my coaching for couples with decisions, I help couples find a better way as they make decisions.


How it works: 


  • We define/discern what the decision really is which makes finding a common answer or solution much easier.

  • We define the options 

  • We see the Dream, Fear and most likely outcome for each of the options

  • Witness the desires, beliefs, and opinions each has for the choices

  • See what we don’t know, and if there is a way to know?



When these elements are clear, the decision reveals itself through the common values of the couple


If you are currently in partnership and would like someone to assist in making a big decision, please schedule a 30 minute conversation with Noah Martin today!

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