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Your Relationship is Changing, Now What?


I have noticed a few things about some men lately. There is an overwhelm that is overtaking them. They are confused about what it is that their partners, wives, or girlfriends want from them. These men know there is a change afoot, a force outside of themselves that is bringing this change to their relationship. My coaching for men aims to identify the change and  work to determine the best approach to navigate it.


The questions you may not even know to ask are: What is the need my partner is asking to be met? Can I meet it? If I choose to meet it, would I even still be me?


I find that most of the time, these men want to keep the relationship, but don’t know if they can keep their connection to their own essence and make this change. They often know there is something appealing, but scary about this change. 


With guidance and support, moving through this change is a powerful doorway into a deep connection with one’s partner, but more importantly with one’s self. 


The exploration of change, self-awareness and deep self-connection is powerful work that can transform your relationships. 


If you are looking for coaching for men, please schedule a 30 minute conversation with Noah Martin today!

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