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Decisions can be hard. If it were easy, you would not likely be on this page now. 

So what makes decisions so hard? The truth is sometimes even the right choice won’t work out the way you want. And what do you know, what don’t you know? Have you considered all the variables? What do you actually know vs think you know? What assumptions are in alignment to make? What assumptions do you not even know that you are making? What are the known unknowns, the unknown knowns, and what are the trickiest of all the unknown unknowns?

And then even if you manage to know the know, understand the unknown, and discover the unknown, the choice you make may still turn out as you hoped

On top of all that, what is at stake in the choice you are making? If you go to dinner and try a dish you end up not liking, you will survive. If you follow a career you end up not liking, the money, time and energy you put into it before you even know can be staggering. 

Take a look at the magic 4 square of decisions. It will map out the possibilities of any decision

So just like the rest of life, there are no guarantees that a decision you make will have the result you want.


And, you are much more likely to have a Good Result if you follow a Good Process or a Bad Result if you have a Bad Process. But sometimes you will follow a Good Process and get a Bad Result or a Bad Process and get a Good Result.

What do you have control over in the decision? Just the process you follow, and that is where I can help. 

What we do together is: 

  • Uncover your assumptions

  • Reveal your fears

  • Learn about your hopes

  • Apply what has worked in the past

  • Avoid what had not worked in the past

  • Discover what will work for you now

If you are looking for coaching to support your decisions and would like some assistance,

please schedule a 30 minute conversation with Noah Martin today!

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