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You are looking to have the new relationship that meets you as you are. You are wanting to get beyond the Jack Ass 2.0 phenomenon and be guided into the openness, yet discerning state that will open you up to love.


This can include

  • Removing subconscious barriers that no longer serve you

  • Breaking patterns and cycle that keep you stuck

  • Stepping in to your love power


You are already in a relationship and you are looking to level up or create the next evolution.


This can include:

  • New/Young Marriages

  • Stage transitions from children living at home to empty nesters

  • Retirement

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

― Rumi

We are all born as love. Giving love freely and without doubt that love will be given back in return. And yet over time, we experience a life in which love is not always the default state.  As rational beings, we begin to set up barriers that keep us from being hurt.

Unfortunately, these barriers also keep up from love. As we go out in to the grand experiment that is life, we now get to decide with whom we can let down the barrier, and when we need to reinforce these barriers.

This is both a matter of skill and discernment. When to let them down and when to reinforce them is not always easy to tell. There is no class in high school, college or even graduate school called, “Vulnerable: When and How”. 

You are pretty much left to your own to figure this out. I help to clear those barriers. The barriers that might be keeping you form finding your beloved, or might be keeping you and your beloved from creating the next phase of your partnership, or mudding the decision process of the big decision you are making.

-Noah Martin



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"Noah is a true gift from the Universe and an angel on this earth. My session with him this morning was reassuring and helped me bring things back into balance and reframe my perspective. The word appreciation is not strong enough....I truly feel blessed and empowered." 

- Krista in California

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