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Love is an Adventure


Like any adventure, as we go forth in the world, seeking love, connection, intimacy and companionship, we stumble, scrape our knees and get hurt. 


In my approach to coaching for singles, we explore the pain, or the repeating patterns that cause us to receive a Love Imprint. Based on this imprint we start using strategies to protect ourselves. Both the strategies and the imprints become ingrained over time and we act from these imprints and strategies. 

A Love Imprint is the interpretations of all of your experiences of love in your life. Often you interpret based on the emotional and intellectual maturity you had at the time you received a particular imprint. Most of us cannot see the imprint we are carrying around with us. 


Because the desire of love and intimacy is so strong, that despite imprints that tell us that love is painful, we will go forth and seek love anyway. However, the imprint is also strong, and we can recreate a version of the painful relationship that imprinted us in the first place. I affectionately call this the Jackass 2.0 phenomenon. 


Others find based on this imprinting that love equals pain, or loss of freedom and simply decide not to allow love. But they still find that love is a deep longing they have, and simply are not able to allow it in. 


What can we do about our Love Imprint? We can change our Love Imprint. First we need to illuminate what the current love imprint is. Once we know what is in the Love Imprint we can release the elements that no longer serve us. Keep the wisdom we have gained, but act from a new Love Imprint to create the love life we desire. 


I work with my clients to illuminate their current Love Imprint, and use a variety of tools to help them release the elements of the Love Imprint they are ready to release and create the new Love Imprint. With this new Love Imprint, the adventure of Love continues. 

The process of illuminating and redesigning the Love Imprint happens at a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level.


For more information on coaching for singles, please schedule a 30 minute conversation with Noah Martin today!

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