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Relationship Illumination Session

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There are times when you just need someone else’s perspective. When you know all sorts of things, and don’t know what they mean. That is why I created the Relationship Illumination Session. In this 30-minute session, I will help you see what you don’t know you know, what you need to know and how to know what you don’t know. 

With this knowledge you can take the next step to having a relationship you love. 

Investment: $60

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"Couples who dream together thrive together. 

If you are going to choose the partnership path, then your relationship should be the wind beneath your wings - a source of great power, love, support and potential. The challenge is that most of us were not given the tools or wisdom to create powerful, sacred partnerships that continue to deepen, grow and flourish, supporting both individuals to soar. " 

Christine Arylo & Noah Martin 
Partners in life, love and business - 12 years married, 17 years figuring it out

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