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We are excited to share with you this Sacred Partnership session - we hope you will find it full of enlightenment, inspiration, laughs, heart and some love zingers and practical tools we encourage you to try out in your life. You can either watch the videos or download the audio recordings. The session is set in 3 segments with the first segment on top, and last segment on the bottom. If you wish to download an audio MP3 file there is a link just below the video files. There are also a few resources at the bottom of page, a copy of the Love Treaty you can download, and links to a few books that you might find helpful. If you run into any challenges, email our customer care team at ... may what we share bring more love, freedom and joy to your life and relationships.

Segment #1 - Sacred Partnership : "Sovereignty & Unity"

Segment #2 - Sacred Partnership : "Respect, Fighting Fun & Fair, Partnership Mantras"
Finding The Good Ones Part2
Segment #3 - Sacred Partnership : "Dreaming Together"
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